Hot Celebrities Recycle clothing, Is recycling clothing the new trend?

We absolutely love how Kate Middleton recycle her fabulous wears many at times. Look at her below, she looks ravishing every single time she has worn the same dress and she sure knows how to accessorize.

While she is becoming well known for recycling her clothes.. lets have a look at few other celebrities who are catching up to this trend.

LIKE SISTER, LIKE SISTER!! .. Pipa Middleton is no less when it comes to recylcing, notice below, two different occasions but same attire.. We like !

Another diva - Eva Mendes, not only is she hot, but sure knows how to look radiant even with a casual look in the same clothes..!

Anna Wintour - Fashion Moghul that she is, wears the Prada frock twice and that too with the same shoes ! Thats brave Anna!

Last but not least, our very own Kim Kardashian who is many at times is seen with this run down jean. This torn denim is defintely her booty buddy !

Who else in your opinion deserves a mention above? and tell us why.

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