Anne Hathaway awards & dresses.

Here she is Anne Hathaway in Giambattisa Valli, Straight of the runway to 2013 SAG awards.

We are not sure if this dress does justice to Anne Hathaway or vice versa. Does she look sophisticated ? yes, does she look polished ? yes, and yet there is the WOW factor that is missing. We love the dress, we love her but do we love them together ?

Here she is in Oscar De La Renta looking pale and washed out. While some might say she's going for the simplistic look, we think she needs to get some color on like the 'Anne Hathaway with luscious long hair' did a few movies ago.

Example : Anne Hathaway below in Wine colored Versace gown for 2011 Academy Awards. She looked ravishing ! Don't you all agree?

Here she is yet again, Dressed to Kill in her Armani..This one is our favorite. Whats yours ?

Tell us which one of Anne Hathaway's gowns is your favorite?

Hot Celebrities Recycle clothing, Is recycling clothing the new trend?

We absolutely love how Kate Middleton recycle her fabulous wears many at times. Look at her below, she looks ravishing every single time she has worn the same dress and she sure knows how to accessorize.

While she is becoming well known for recycling her clothes.. lets have a look at few other celebrities who are catching up to this trend.

LIKE SISTER, LIKE SISTER!! .. Pipa Middleton is no less when it comes to recylcing, notice below, two different occasions but same attire.. We like !

Another diva - Eva Mendes, not only is she hot, but sure knows how to look radiant even with a casual look in the same clothes..!

Anna Wintour - Fashion Moghul that she is, wears the Prada frock twice and that too with the same shoes ! Thats brave Anna!

Last but not least, our very own Kim Kardashian who is many at times is seen with this run down jean. This torn denim is defintely her booty buddy !

Who else in your opinion deserves a mention above? and tell us why.

Hot Pregnant Celebrities and their baby bumps

"Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother." said Oprah Winfrey. As the paparazzi goes scrambling around for who is carrying the bump most stylishly, who has gained weight and who has not, I think to myself, is it or is it not too shallow to discuss a person and how well they are carrying their pregnancy. I mean there is just soo much more to this beautiful experience than just the bump and how well you show it off or how well you accessorize it.

All that talk about Jessica Simpson carrying too much weight surrounding her pregnant self, and Nicole Richie showing too much skin while pregnant and Julia Roberts looking too run down while pregnant.. Jees! Just when we wonder when will the media leave these mommies alone, we get bombarded with pregnant magazine covers. Lets be honest, we dont mind a baby bump on a magazine cover once in a while, given it is classy but who has time for the ones which makes you go ..errmmmm..!

Let us look at some magazine covers of popular celebs with their baby bumps ..

Demi Moore...This cover was first of its kind. While some raised their eyebrows, others thought it was simply beautiful, gloryfying the beauty of motherhood.

While Demi looked a little 'posey', Cindy definitely made it look natural and effortless.

Oh Claudia, Im not sure if she knew that she was not on a ramp or an editorial for LV, C'mon Claudia..give us a smile will you, your pout is over rated!

Probably the nicest look Britney sported since her pregnancy, It was all downhill from here on wasn't it?

Somehow, not a big fan of Christina's (below) cover. She looks too unnatural, or a bit too photoshoped maybe and if the cover is supposed to emphasize nature and its beauty then whats with all that makeup, that pose. It only takes the focus off her beautiful bump and brings it back to her face and since theres nothing new there..its just 'move over'.

Let them talk all they want about Jessica's weight gain during pregnancy, she looks ravishing here. The long hair, the eyes, everything works so well for her in this cover. The only low, this is just too familiar , maybe ELLE took Demi Moore's Vanity Fair cover (above) for inspiration and went too far with it. Different pose next time?

Maria Maria...! She is trying her best here.. but theres js too much bump here I say. They could have picked a different photo maybe, she is a stunning woman with so many beautiful feauture and yet they had to focus on her curveless less apple shaped figure - not too flattering.

 Which of these magazine covers is your favourite and tell us why ?

Style & Fashion tips : Fashion do's and dont's - pear, apple, rectangle whatever your shape is!

Fashion and celebrities

Frustration, irritation, annoyance combined with admiration and wonder is what culminates when women like ourselves watch celebrities dressed beautifully be it on the red carpet or on the "streets of Hollywood". Looking gorgeous in cocktail gowns and dresses is one thing and looking elegant and classy even in hewed off shots and scruffy boots is another.
It makes one wonder how these celebrities manage to look almost perfect in every outfit. Do they ever feel the emotions that a common woman feels when dressing up. We see Nicole Richie dressed in a loose floral dress and a pair of flip flops and try to imitate the look ending up looking like a fashion mishap. Or when we see Beyonce in her strapless, figure hugging evening gown and think the look is perfect for a lovely evening and imitate it resulting in failure to hide our unwanted curves and bumps.
What makes these celebrities look almost perfect every time they step out of their million dollar properties? What makes us they have the perfect figure? Or that they have the best dressing sense?
Maybe its not their figures or their clothes but their choice of clothes for their unique figures. Maybe thats the skill they perfect and we don't

Pear Shaped Body

Women with this body shape have narrow shoulders, smaller busts in comparison to their hips and have heavy thighs. There is a common misconception that women with this shape are heavier and look bulky and unattractive. This is however untrue! This body shape can be quite flattering and attractive given it is clothed appropriately. Celebrities like Kristin Davis , Beyonce, Mischa Barton, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt are well - known for this body shape.
In order to take focus of their narrow shoulders and heavy thighs they need to choose clothes that balance out these features.
Common Mistake :The most common mistake for women with this shape is to wear dresses that are tight around their hips which literally accentuate their waste and thighs. This could be avoided by wearing dresses that are lose and flowy on the hips.
A trick :Wearing puffs and t-shaped shoulders make shoulders looks wider and help in creating a balance for this shape. Choosing tops with details on the shoulders also help this cause.
Fashion Dont : Avoid skinny leg jeans which will make thighs look wider and gives your lower body a triangle shape.
Fashion Do : Use belts/waist bands to bring notice to your slender waist and not your wide hips.

Apple Shaped body

Women with this body shape generally have thin arms and legs with wide shoulders, larger breasts, slim hip and backside and usually are wider in their midsection. While this body shape can be difficult to balance, it is also the easiest to dress. Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Demi Moore, Jessica Simpson, Catherine Zeta Jones, Oprah Winfrey are known for their Apple shaped bodies. Even Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek are considered as apple shaped because of their bigger breasts and smaller hips and back.

Women with this body shape must try and bring focus to the sexier parts of their body such as their slender arms, fuller breasts, thin long legs and avoid any focus on their waist and try to camouflage this with appropriate clothes.
Common mistake : Most common mistake committed by women with this body shape is wearing short, heavy jackets accentuating their already wide shoulders and large breasts.
A trick : Wearing empire line dresses, a -line skirts help balance out the wide shoulders and narrow hips ratio. Also wearing V-Shaped tops or strapless dresses bring attention to your lovely shoulders and fuller breasts.
Fashion Don't : Wearing puffed sleeves or tops with frills around breast area and avoid over sized tops.
Fashion Do: Wearing high heels helps bring focus back on your slender calves and legs which is usually the best part of apple shaped bodies as they are usually slim and fit.

Rectangle shaped body

Women with these body shapes have athletic, boyish figures with bust and hips approximately the same size, with less defined waistline. Celebrities such as Hillary Duff, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Sheryl Crow, Keira Knightley, Gywneth Paltrow have this body shape.

While the positive of this body shape is that during weight gain, the weight is usually distributed throughout the body and not just in one are unlike other body shapes, the negative however is that women with this body shape might feel disappointed at the lack of curves.
Common mistake: The most common mistake is wearing skinny leg jeans or tightly fitted dresses which brings focus to the rectangular slim figure.
A trick : Wearing boot legged jeans, and jeans with wider opening can help flatter muscular legs. Wearing shoulder pads and wider jackets (not boxy) is also a popular trick for this body shape.
Fashion Dont : Avoid vertical patterns on your clothes and this will make you look more thin and straight.
Fashion Do : Shift dresses look good on rectangular body shape than any other. Wearing tops and dresses that have details around the bust area.
Well, while these are just guidelines to dress for your shape, its also important to remember that trial and error is what will work for every individual to ultimately discover their own style and statement.
Before i finish up id like to remind us all that, in spite of our curves or no curves, perfections or imperfections, we should learn to love ourselves everyday for what we are and as Oscar Wilde once said  'true perfection lies not in what one has, but what one is '.

Leave your questions or comments below...

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Beautiful Women outside Hollywood, HAIFA WEHBE AND KATRINA KAIF

As we watch various english movies from different genres , one thing that strikes is the risks directors take these days in employing actors from different background and races and creating an almost real avenue similar to that of real life. Let us face it, we dont live in 40s or 50s where most movies straight from Hollywood has white skin, blonde brown hair in all professions and almost did not take into using actor from different races. We all now know that even back in 50s and 60s, world sort of mingled well and people went everywhere and merged quiet well. Like Indians in United states, Lebanese in Australia, Pakistanis in Canada etc. Then why not use good actors from these available races (Good looking, talented or both) for the main protagonists in a movie.The most variety anyone got in most movies were African Americans but what about the rest ?

It made me wonder, how long will it really take for movies to become truly 'global', to every sense of the word.

As Hollywood still goes gaga over beauties in and around the english movie scene (L.A). Let us look at some other women from rest of the world, unknown to Hollywood directors who are just as beautiful and talented and who by the way have a huge fan following, more or less like that of Jolies and Albas !


This Dove eyed beauty is considered the most beautiful woman in the universe by the Arab world. She has 163,000 followers on twitter in just 6 months. C'mon Hollywood take notice.


She is half british half indian and is India's most wanted actress at present. She is pretty like barbie, has body like Jolie and can act far better than Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton at the least. What is Hollywood waiting for?

Anyone else you readers can think of, that can easily take Hollywood by storm? Who else in your opinion is of international standard ?

Carrie Bradshaw's best dresses on Sex and the City

As a girl in her teens, nothing else filled my heart and soul like Carrie Bradshaw's fashion and shoes. Just as much as her classic one liners charmed her viewers, her dresses stole their dreams. 
Let us look at some of her best dressed moments..!

That Gucci bag that got lost in her mix and match....
 What stood out other than her well toned tummy, well its hard to say, but that full hand black, the waist bag and that stripped skirt...She made it work!

Runway dress
This D&G dress looked so well fit and sophiscated on her.. and she sure did carrie it well.

Too much pearl and still too good ?
Who else can wear all that pearl all together and make it look so good but Carrie Bradshaw. Such a risk taker.

Another Marvel.
Playful in an Anna Molinari 

Too much risk?
Although I liked the ensemble, I wondered like many others if this really fit her figure. I think it makes her look a bit stick like.
                                                      The green Chole top.. a beauty ..!

                                                             Bold and Beautiful
                              That D & G underwear and the coat and her look ...stunner!

                                              When in Paris act like the French
                                                       Oh so sophisticated in Paris..

                           This look is so easy to get but yet not so easy to carry, oh carrie

So bright and yet blended so well.. Although Carrie's Paris episode carried an unspoken sadness, her dresses were spirited up.
                                                               And the award goes to...
This D&G dress is an absolute masterpiece.. I remember watching this episode over and over again, just to catch a glimpse of Carrie's dress just one more time..The making of this episode showed the time and effort it took for the crew to put this dress together in the scene where Carrie sleeps on it, so beautifully waiting for Petrovsky.

                                                     Tell us your favourite...

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Elie Saab and Elie Saab's best !

He was a lesser known lebanese designer until Halle Berry showcased his burgundy marvel on the Oscars ramp. Now as hollywood crowds Elie Saabs designs more and more with each year, lets look at some of his best from the past..

In an interview he says, the use of light pastel shades, silver, steel greay reminded him of women and thei style in 1980s during his boyhood.

His brave use of steel grey over and over again , is just as ravishing every single time..

                                                               and then a favourite...

                                       The use of lace, bling, ruffles all at once and yet so elegant...

The printed beauty

Another burgundy masterpiece..

Tell us your favourite?

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