Beautiful Women outside Hollywood, HAIFA WEHBE AND KATRINA KAIF

As we watch various english movies from different genres , one thing that strikes is the risks directors take these days in employing actors from different background and races and creating an almost real avenue similar to that of real life. Let us face it, we dont live in 40s or 50s where most movies straight from Hollywood has white skin, blonde brown hair in all professions and almost did not take into using actor from different races. We all now know that even back in 50s and 60s, world sort of mingled well and people went everywhere and merged quiet well. Like Indians in United states, Lebanese in Australia, Pakistanis in Canada etc. Then why not use good actors from these available races (Good looking, talented or both) for the main protagonists in a movie.The most variety anyone got in most movies were African Americans but what about the rest ?

It made me wonder, how long will it really take for movies to become truly 'global', to every sense of the word.

As Hollywood still goes gaga over beauties in and around the english movie scene (L.A). Let us look at some other women from rest of the world, unknown to Hollywood directors who are just as beautiful and talented and who by the way have a huge fan following, more or less like that of Jolies and Albas !


This Dove eyed beauty is considered the most beautiful woman in the universe by the Arab world. She has 163,000 followers on twitter in just 6 months. C'mon Hollywood take notice.


She is half british half indian and is India's most wanted actress at present. She is pretty like barbie, has body like Jolie and can act far better than Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton at the least. What is Hollywood waiting for?

Anyone else you readers can think of, that can easily take Hollywood by storm? Who else in your opinion is of international standard ?

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